Forty Something

In several days I turn forty and will partake in a few events (heaven help me) with friends and family to celebrate this achievement. In some ways it feels I got to a checkpoint in a challenging video game and feel relieved to save here; in other ways it’s a bit daunting since now I’m gazing over the other side … Read More


I was in NYC recently and had the wonderful and rare opportunity to see Aaron Sorkin’s new adaptation of To Kill A Mockinbird starring Jeff Daniels and directed by Barlett Sher. No doubt you’ve probably read or heard about this behemoth of a play in some media outlet by now. It has broken many records to the point that it … Read More


As a writer, finding inspiration is your lifeblood – it goes without saying. It’s not always easy, however, to find the right kind of inspiration and hold on to it tightly, all the while producing something that you don’t immediately want to crumple and burn. It’s also easy to convince yourself that you’re working on something that you actually are … Read More